Our Services

Motion Graphic Production

Being a leading motion graphic production company in Sydney, Sydney Production has the team, the tools, and the expertise to add real time motions and better graphics to your videos. We will create, improve, and enhance your ideas in a highly impactful video. 

There are lots of ideas revolving in your mind. If you are an artist, then all might be related to production. Sydney Production is the team that will give shape to your thoughts in real video form. Adding fraction of all the modern production tactics, we aim to create well-balanced and smooth videos on demand. If you are keen to sum up motion and graphic effects in the video productions, then our talented workforce is there for you!.

Web Video Production

When planning an online marketing campaign, you’ll definitely need a web video to explain or introduce your business or product to your target audience. At Sydney Production, we will help you in planning, scripting, and creating the most suitable video for any website or social media platform. 

Not only will Sydney Production provide you with teh video, but we will also advise you on the best online platforms to showcase it in order to attract the best audience, which will hopefully convert to paying clients.  

2D & 3D Animation & Digital Production

Animated videos are probably the most attractive forms of advertising for all audiences due to their vivid colours and unlimited potential. Sydney Production specialises in cutting edge 2D and 3D video production by using the latest technologies. 

Sydney Production’s talentend and highly trained artists bring in more than thirty years of combined experience in a wide variety of skills and ideas to produce your digital video efficiently and effectively at the best price. 

Visual Effects & Event Graphics

No video is truly complete without attractive visual effects. The dedicated team at Sydney Production strives to involve you with every decision by arming you with the best advice to make the best choices for your video.

We are at your service and will happily edit and re-edit every video until you are 100% satisfied with the result; after all, if you are not happy, then we haven’t done our job, and we will never accept that. 

Film Production & Cinematics

Grab yourself some pop corn and join Sydney Production on your idea’s journey from dream to reality. We bring in a team for every aspect of the video you would like to create and aim to fulfill all your cinematic requests. In addition to that, your input will be crucial every step of the way from choosing the best voice over artists for your film, to choosing backdrops and actual performers. 

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as it all unravels before your very eyes. Witness the magic of Sydney Productions as we take the ideas in your mind and transform them into a concept that every one can see and enjoy. 

Animated Logo Production

Don’t be satisfied with just a static logo; instead, let Sydney Production add value to your brand by providing you with the best animation for your logo. This is the latest trend in logo design as it enhances your brand image and provides your audience with a better understanding of your products or services, as well as your businesse’s character. This is something that a static logo cannot portray accurately in many cases. 


Documentary Video Production

If you are in the business of manufacturing, production, or any other specialised services, your processes and expertise are definitely a matter of pride that you need to share with the whole world. Sydney Production has the crew that will help you showcase the operations of your business for everyone to see, enjoy, and learn from. 

While producing a documentary about your business, our team will involve you in every step in order to shed light on every little thing you would like to include while providing you with documentary expert advice . 

These are only a few of the services that Sydney Production provides. We are a highly diverse team of artists and engineers with a mind wide open for any interesting and trendy ideas. Contact us now to get started!